• Public Safety
    In a bid to build safe cities, China Security & Fire has proposed practical solutions for public safety targeted towards sectors such as public security, safety administration, prisons, fire prevention, social administration and environmental protection. Our solutions aim to build a comprehensive one-stop platform for public safety with which various sectors are aligned for pre-monitoring, in-process dispatch and post-assessment, in order to enhance city management during routine operations, emergencies and in dealing with safety issues, to create a safer life through science and technology.
  • Smart Living
    With the aim of building convenient and efficient cities, we have proposed smart living solution, focusing on a series of problems that need to be resolved urgently, as well as widely emphasized problems in terms of medical care, elderly care, transportation, education and governmental procedures, in order to build a comprehensive and 3D smart living system, enhance government administration efficiency and transparency, and thereby serve people with information. Therefore, residents can enjoy human rights-based public services anytime and anywhere.
  • Smart Industry
    With the aim to build sustainable cities, we have proposed a smart industry solution that promotes transformation and upgrade of traditional industries, optimizes operation efficiency, lowers operation costs, fulfills customer demands, accelerates product innovation, pushes transformation toward service type industries, and innovates business models through Big Data technology, thereby achieving industrial development through data.
  • Smart Integration
    With the aim of building smart cities, we have proposed a smart integration solution to break the “information silo” due to independent information systems used by different administrative departments, and replace traditional information systems with a public information cloud sharing platform to share computing resources and data. Additionally, this solution can be used to achieve data visualization through Big Data analysis, thereby offering dynamic prediction and decision making support for decision makers and other management departments. It will also guarantee city operations in terms of monitoring management, information sharing, and event response and resource allocation to improve value through smart integration.