• China Security & Fire Co., Ltd. Holds 2016 Operations & Management Summary Meeting

    China Security & Fire Co., Ltd..2017-02-10

    OnJanuary 19th, China Security & Fire held its 2016 Operations andManagement Summary Meeting at the Longemont Hotel Shanghai. The ..

  • China Security & Fire

    China Security & Fire "Red Osc..2017-01-22

    On January 22nd, China Security&Fire Co., Ltd.,held its 2017 Annual Meetingthemed "Red Oscars Night”atLongemont Hotel, Shanghai. N..

  • Good Things Came in Pairs China Security & Fire IOT Sensing ReceivesTwo More National Qualifications

    Good Things Came in Pairs Chin..2017-01-10

    Recently, China Security & Fire IOT Sensingreceived some excellent news – it was given "EnterpriseCredit AAA" rating and passed "N..

  • Zhaoyu Photovoltaic Power Station Constructed by CSF Successfully Connected to the Grid

    Zhaoyu Photovoltaic Power Stat..2017-01-05

    The Zhaoyu photovoltaic power station constructedby China Security & Fire Technology Co., Ltd. ("CSFT") in SheCounty was successfu..

  • China Security & Fire once again certified AAA Credit Enterprise

    China Security & Fire once aga..2017-01-05

    Recently, China Market Credit Management Association conductedintensive evaluation and has once again certified China Security & F..

  • CSF's Smart Image Control System Helped Yongning Public Security Uncover Large Theft by Gang

    CSF's Smart Image Control Syst..2016-12-23

    InAugust 2016, many public video surveillance devices in Yinchuan City’s Yongning County wereintentionally destroyed. The case was..