China Security & Fire IOT Sensing’s “Live” Smart Program along Huangpu River

Update Date:2017-05-27

On May 24th, the 17th Shanghai International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (hereinafter referred to as “Security Expo”) supported by the Administration of Public Order under Ministry of Public Security, and Shanghai Administration of Public Order, and sponsored by Shanghai Security Defense and Alarm Association, had a grand opening at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. China Security & Fire IOT Sensing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CSFIS”), a professional anti-theft and alarm solution provider, was invited to attend the Expo as a leading enterprise in the industry.

Several attractive smart solutions such as smart community/business district, networked alarm and smart home systems covering professional and civilian security areas, were presented by CSFIS at the Security Expo. The One-stop industry solutions comprehensively showcase CSFIS’ new ideas and achievements in innovative smart security and smart home development. They follow the “Big-Security Era” development trend and have been widely used in multiple industries, for smart buildings, smart communities, smart homes, finance and communication.

Products lead the market with comprehensive capabilities in anti-theft and alarm systems

For more than two decades, CSFIS has accumulated tremendous amount of experience and technology to become an industry-recognized benchmark. Apart from comprehensively covering anti-theft and alarm industry, the company is also the only domestic brand participating in developing new national standards for anti-theft and alarm products.

Among anti-theft and alarm products, LHB9000 bus alarm system that was on display at the Security Expo has integrated detectors, an alarm unit, security zone module, main control keyboard and a security cloud platform, which have been independently developed by CSFIS. A huge number of users have found this product to be superior to competing products with respect to security, practicality, stability and compatibility. This system supports four-level control and authority administration, and has the ability to rapidly arm and disarm defenses in real-time. A single main unit can support 31,496 security zones. Several leaders, guests and professional visitors at the Security Expo were spellbound by the features, and held further discussions.

Smart products were focal point thanks to comprehensive coverage of IoT sensors

Unlike legacy anti-theft and alarm solutions, the stereoscopic sensing system built using CSFIS’ IOT sensor family shone like a new star. The system has more than 10 sensors, including human motion detection, smoke and fog, gas, water immersion, temperature, alarm signal, smart gates, etc. Using this system, users can have complete knowledge of the real-time security and environment status of their homes, at their convenience. This can help them enjoy a life of greater security and better quality, and has changed the smart house from a “dream” to “reality”.

In the smart home system, the T1 and D1 IoT sensors are the main units around which a comprehensive home defense network is built using WiFi and GSM communication, respectively.They are unrivaled in both, appearance and technology.

Furthermore, CSFIS’ latest product, the F1 smart electronic anti-theft network, has its own main unit, a wireless design that allows direct WiFi communication, unconventional gate design, is aesthetically appealing, and has simple installation and operation. The smart experience this “invisible anti-theft network” provides exceeds anything you could have imagined.

With CSFIS’ leading smart security products, future global trends have come to life alongside the Huangpu River, and have unveiled another globally attractive Shanghai wave. CSFIS will continue innovating and making breakthroughs to make a safer and more harmonious world, and to create higher value for customers through high quality products and services. 

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