Charity – Let’s Spread Love! China Security & Fire Celebrates Children’s Day with Children of the Stars

Update Date:2017-06-01

On June 1st, China Security & Fire conducted a public charity activity, “The Same Sky”, in collaboration with Shanghai Children’s Health Hospital, to celebrate a happy and enriching “Children’s Day” with autistic children.

Guided by their teachers, the children gave splendid performances, like playing drums, dancing and several solo performances.

Autistic children are referred to as “Children of the Stars” in China. This metaphorical name is because like stars, they have live within their own little worlds. They are not deaf but they do not perceive sounds; not blind but do not register sights around them; not dumb but they find themselves unable to communicate with people.

Volunteers from China Security & Fire’s Love & Care Team make handicrafts with children

On Children’s Day, these children performed many activities in the Hospital’s activity room. Volunteers from China Security & Fire’s Love & Care Team worked with the children to create paintings, origami and colorful pottery, and gifted books and pictures.

Although the children had never seen these volunteers before, they did not show any resistance to them and gradually focused on making handicrafts under their patient guidance. In the short span of time, some children had even become close to the volunteers and gave them a surprising hug when they said goodbye.

One of volunteers, Cao Mingyang, said: “This is the first time I have engaged in such an activity and also the first time I have had some understanding of these autistic children’s lives in the real sense. These kids are really adorable, and need our understanding and care.

Group photo of China Security & Fire’s volunteers at the public charity event and teachers from Shanghai Children’s Hospital

Public charity activity is not just about providing material relief, but it is also an inherent behavior and habit. While being committed to enterprise development, China Security & Fire has always recognized its gratitude to society and encourages employees to become engaged in charitable events. China Security & Fire will continue to practice its charitable ideas to build a warmer and more beautiful world, filled with love. 

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