China Security & Fire Held 2017 Mid-Year Management Meeting

Update Date:2017-09-01

China Security & Fire 2017 mid-year management meeting was held in Shanghai during August 17-18, 2017. The meeting aimed to summarize the first-half works of the Group, analyze the existing problems and shortcomings, and ensure full completion of the annual objectives and tasks with concerted efforts and endeavor.

China Security & Fire Chairman Tu Guoshen, President Fu Xin, Guardforce CEO Ye Yongjia, Vice President Wu Qiaomin, Gao Zhenjiang, Zhang Jiajie, Wang Lei, Chief Financial Officer Liu Xiaorong, Technical Director Gong Zhuo, senior executives in headquarter and member enterprises, a total of more than 60 people, attended the meeting.

In the meeting, general managers of the member enterprises first reported the company's first- half-year operating conditions and work plan for the second half, made profound analysis and summary of the problems in the half-year work, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures.


On behalf of the company management, China Security & Fire President made a concluding statement on the first-half management work of the company from the six aspects of special audit, business development, capital management, cost control, securities and customs clearance, organizational staff. Also, he put forward comprehensive requirements for the second-half work from the aspects of principles of conduct, financial management, capital management, internal control management, public relations management, performance management, system construction, etc. Fu pointed out that the company is facing unprecedented pressure this year, stability and efficiency enhancement is top priority of work, and that every medium-senior management should consider how to unwaveringly adhere to the annual performance goals, how to turn pressure into driving force, promote business growth with incentives and enhance corporate management with system. In the second half of the year, there are still many uncertainties in the operation, we should unwaveringly stick to the target, strive to promote business performance, and spare no effort to win the tough fight for growth and stability.


At the end of the meeting, China Security & Fire Chairman Tu Guoshen delivered an important speech. Tu first shared his mental experience in hardship, reaffirming the management’s spirit of never leaving or forsaking, but forging ahead. Tu pointed out that, in the future work, the board of directors and management will perform their respective duties, the board will further strengthen internal audit, assessment of and incentives to senior management personnel, while the management should continue to strengthen internal control construction, improve risk control management in major projects; strengthen the effort in receivables collection, reduce liability ratio; play safe, add effort to major regular business, accelerate expansion of business segments of smart healthcare internally, strengthen the regional business cooperation, integration, adhere to strategies of “one belt, one road” and “going out” externally, to constantly enhance the core competitiveness and overall strength of the listed companies. In the end, Tu asked the attendees to be “proud of China Security & Fire”, saying that no difficulty is unconquerable as long as everyone units as one.   

In the meeting, special training was conducted on audit, risk control and information disclosure, and some subsidiaries introduced respective products and solutions with a letter of responsibility signed.

The meeting strengthened the participants’ confidence in the company future development. Under the company leadership at all levels, all the China Security & Fire staff will tackle difficulties with concerted mind and follow through the big issue of smart city and security operations!


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