Investigation of SECUREcorp by Yang Jincai, the President of China Security & Fire

Update Date:2017-09-07

On September 3, 2017, Yang Jincai, the President and other members of the board of China Security & Fire went to SECUREcorp for investigation. President Yang and his colleagues listened to the report on the performances of the company in the business of railway, airport, large comprehensive commercial complex, etc. Meanwhile, they also visited part of the project sites. After hearing the operation and business process, President Yang said that China Security & Fire stepped out of the country and merged excellent security companies in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Australia is a practice of the national strategy ‘One Road and One Belt Initiatives’, worth looking forward to.


SECUREcorp has a long history as a provider of security and facility management services and became an affiliated enterprise to China Security & Fire in 2016. The company provides the customers in Australia and New Zealand with extended security services including manpower security, alarm and monitoring, electronic security guard and facility management. With a complete security service qualification, we are able to explore our business of armed security, congestion management, electronic security guard, burglar alarm and body guard in six states and two territories of Australia.


As the security business grows in Australia stably, China Security & Fire is sure to contribute to the economy of the regions advocating the ‘One Road and One Belt Initiatives’.


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