China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Attended Alibaba Computing Conference and Gave Keynote Speech

Update Date:2017-10-17


Computing Conference, sponsored by Alibaba Group, has become the top Summit for global cloud computation that converges the most powerful brains in Data Technology era, depicts the development trend and blueprint of cloud computation, exhibits the full picture of technological ecology under which, cloud computation, big data and artificial intelligence are flourishing, and builds the most stunning cloud computation conference of the year.  

On October 13, the top banquet about artificial sensing was unveiled in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. At the great banquet, Market Head of China Security & Fire IoT Sensing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (CSFIS), Tang Fei delivered a key note speech of “ICA and Horn IoT Sensing System”, explaining the latest achievements from collaboration of iHORN and Aliyun from five aspects, i.e, IoT sensing, standard development, cooperation, model cases and win-win.



Sensing starts the intelligence


Intelligent sensing system consists of sensing layer, network layer and application layer. As the most fundamental part, sensors are the ubiquitous “organs” that collect corresponding information at any time. The whole home intelligence sensing system based on ICA forms an entire sensing network through multiple sensors, to adapt to different application scenarios to sense, detect, collect and acquire relevant information.

As a professional IoT sensor and anti-theft solution provider, CSFIS’s iHorn intelligent sensing products are deeply combined with Aliyun IoT to provide extensive and precise IOT sensing applications, such as safe sensors about human movement, window/door movement, broken glass, vibration, emergency button, warning, intrusion detection and perimeter alarms, and environmental sensors, about smoke leak, flammable gas, CO, water immersion, temperature and humidity, PM2.5, light and formaldehyde, etc. 


Standard develops the intelligence


It is impossible to create more extended services for users, without a platform that provides centralized data. Through Aliyun IoT platform, CSFIS provides a whole set of open solutions in sensing layer, builds smart life interactive scenarios and bridges devices from different platforms and different brands to drive industrial development and provides better smart home experience for users.


As a member of SAC/TC100, a technical committee for national standard for security and alarm system, iHorn smart household, by using its high level company standards, develops de facto standards with ICA members in order to push the IoT development. CSFIS also shares company standards applicable to detector sector by actively participating in developing standards about cloud service interface, cloud and end connection protocol, ZigBee protocol, LoRa protocol and Wi-Fi network matching.


Cooperation shares the intelligence


Through ICA alliance platform, clients who have specific needs and application services can directly choose high quality products of iHorn smart household brand from its product catalogue. Relevant products from Aliyun IoT platform and the selected iHORN products can form whole home intelligent solutions.


High quality and innovative design are the commitments and contribution from iHorn to intelligence development. With its professional IoT sensing and detection technologies, perfect product system, production system and quality system, CSFIS is able to provide one-stop products and will develop rapidly in the intelligent world.


Model case: Whole home intelligence project of Hangzhou Greentown


iHorn+ Aliyun IoT= smart Life. By connecting iHorn IoT sensing system into Aliyun IoT platform, it is readily to provide vertical applications and services in real estate segment. For example, the whole home intelligent project of Hangzhou Greentown has connected various sensors and controls through Aliyun IoT platform.


Your “intelligence” requires our “capacity”. CSFIS can provide entire solutions in IoT sensing sector from ID design, structural design, mould manufacturing, technological realization, production to delivery, as well as customized development of single products in OEM and ODM models. Realizing more smart ideas and releasing more smart products into market to serve life is the meaning that we cherish for intelligence.

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