"Green commuting & healthy walking" – China Security & Fire Hold Characteristic Party Building Activities

Update Date:2017-11-01

In this golden autumn of October, it is warm and sunny. To celebrate the successful closing of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, enrich the cultural life of party members and advocate the concept of green and environmental protection, China Security & Fire and some of its members held a party building activity on October 27 near the Expo Park under the theme of "green commuting & healthy walking".

During the period of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, President Xi pointed out in the report that "to advocate simple and moderate, green and low-carbon way of life." In response to the party's call, the party branch of China Security and Fire organized this activity. The activity is divided into two parts: walking competition and game tasks. The game tasks include singing the main melody songs (such as The East is Red, My Chinese Heart) and reciting the socialist core values in order to carry out the socialist ideology education in the way of entertainment.

This activity starts at Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center and ends at Chinese Art Palace Square. Along the way, the participants promote the concept of green, energy saving and emission reduction in the way of walking. Leaders of China Security and Fire and its staffs actively participate in the activities and praised the activities of great significance. It not only embodies the environmental protection concept of China Security & Fire as a smart city system integrated company, but also helps employees develop healthy, low-carbon way of life. Such kind of activity should be strongly advocated.

In the six kilometers’ race, the players are vigorous and encourage each other. They all reached at the ending point within 40 minutes, which shows the perseverance and high spirits of China Security & Fire. Yang Wanfan, deputy secretary of CPC of China Security & Fire, said that this event not only built up the body, but also set up a bridge of sincere communications between the leaders and their subordinates, enhanced the cohesion and fighting force of the enterprise, so that everyone works with a better spiritual outlook in the future.

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