The world in our eyes --- approached autistic children

Update Date:2017-11-16

After the successful book charity bazaars on Children’s Day, with themes of “Under the Same Sky” and “Caring for Children of the Stars”, volunteers from China Security & Fire once again visited Xingyu Children Care Center on November 10th, 2017. The event this time was a public benefit event called “The World in Our Eyes”, where they taught “Children of the Stars” to learn finger painting in an interesting and easily accessible manner.

The volunteers found these children to be very cute, and after one-on-one communication and interaction, they also learned quite a bit about these children’s unique traits. The children appeared to be distracted and couldn’t follow the painting techniques that the volunteers were teaching them. They were unable to paint on the specified spot and the volunteers discovered that these children were far behind in linguistic competence, compared to other children of the same age. Some of these children were not able to even pronounce words. Another aspect that surprised the volunteers was that even though they were all from the same Care Center, they didn’t interact or play with each other, like in other kindergartens.


Finger painting is one of the ways in which these children can express themselves, and our volunteers tried their best to draw the children into it, and bring out their inner world through paint. At first, the children resisted and didn’t seem interested, but slowly they were drawn to the finger paintings that the volunteers had made. They too began to dip their fingers in paint and started smearing them on paper. As more colors appeared on the paper, the volunteers were finally able to communicate with the children. In fact, one of these reticent kids even referred to a volunteer as ‘sister’. According to the event lead Tao Sha, “Many Children of the Stars are doing well in music and art, and hence we chose finger painting as a medium, hoping that it would inspire, interest and motivate them.”


From Director Jiang of Xingyu Children Care Center, we learned that such children, referred to as “Children of the Stars”, were born with speech disorders, anxiety and irritability, reticent personalities, and poor control of intralaryngeal muscles, along with other such problems. To mitigate their difficulties with regard to adjusting in the society, one way to help them is by letting them communicate with society, so that they can experience the love and care from the world, and this event was a step in that direction. Director Jiang considers such events to be very important and hopes for more caring volunteers to visit and interact with the children.

 “The World in Our Eyes” is one of China Security & Fire’s activities that is meant to benefit the public. In future, we hope to continue doing such events, and we would like to dedicate our commitment towards more such activities of public interest. We would also like to undertake social responsibilities and ensure “Public Benefit with You and Me” aids all walks of society, helping everyone who needs to feel cared and loved.


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