Shanghai Keenshine Gained Millions of Orders, Push Development of Cold-chain Logistics

Update Date:2017-12-01

XianLife Cold-chain Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XianLife"), an up-and-coming youngster in cold-chain logistics industry, launched a transformation project of logistics supply chain to reform cold-chain logistics mode and enhance efficiency of cold-chain logistics in 2017. Shanghai Keenshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Keenshine"), a member enterprise of China Security & Fire, stood out from many competing companies by virtue of rich industrial experience and won the bid of "purchase of cold-chain transport vehicles management system and hardware equipment". After then, a contract with price of RMB 12.05 million was concluded and signed formally between and by both parties on September 19. 

According to the prediction by IOEB, the overall e-commerce market scale of fresh food will reach RMB 150 billion in 2017; however, the data show that the loss rate of fresh food in logistics chain reaches up to 25%-30% in China, and the cold-chain logistics technology seriously restricts the development of e-commerce of fresh food industry. In last April, the Ministry of Commerce introduced Special Planning for E-commerce Logistics Development of China, which clearly proposed to speed up the development e-commerce logistics in relation with people's livelihood and placed the critical point on "cold chain", and it may be said that the one gets the cold-chain logistics will get the e-commerce market of fresh food.

"XianLife" is launched by "New Hope Group", which is a large-scale agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise. "XianLife", as a logistics enterprise working on fresh food, animal protein, biological pharmacy and other special product, thoroughly understands that cold-chain logistics technology is the guarantee for making an enterprise of fresh food bigger and stronger. Through the smart cold-chain solution provided by Shanghai Keenshine, "XianLife" can help the customers with vehicle positioning, vehicle trace replay, driving time statistics, goods temperature control and vehicle fuel statistics through the management platform, and meanwhile, online management of logistics vehicles can be achieved, thus enhancing the logistics management ability and efficiency. "Smart cold-chain is an irresistible trend for development of cold-chain logistics industry, transport management is a key link of cold-chain logistics; while the whole cold-chain logistics can be managed in a scientific mode through a smart management platform established depending on big data, IoT and other technologies", Wu Yuan, deputy general manager of Shanghai Keenshine said. 

Logistics industry runs through each part of an organic integrity as an important component of the people's livelihood services. Thus, it is called as an arterial system of national economy. As a professional smart city system integrator, China Security & Fire has always paid high attention to smart fields of the people's livelihood. Such smart logistics solution is applicable to cold-chain logistics services for fresh food, as well as armed escort, medicine logistics and dangerous chemicals transport. China Security & Fire will provide professional smart solutions for more vertical industries to logistics by virtue of IoT, cloud calculation and big data and devote itself to great development of the national "smart logistics" in the future.

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