Resource Sharing and Cooperating for Win-win --Guizhou Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and Shanghai Keenshine Concluded a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Update Date:2017-11-30

On November 19, 2017, Guizhou Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as "Guizhou Chamber of Commerce"), with prefectural and municipal representatives of Guizhou Province in Shanghai, was present at China Security & Fire Smart Scientific Innovation Park, and concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Keenshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Keenshine"), a member enterprise of China Security & Fire. Mr. Zhang Jiajie, vice president of China Security and general manager of Shanghai Keenshine and Mr. Deng Kuanglin, chairman of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce and other leaders attended this signing ceremony. Long-term strategic cooperation will be carried out in fields of smarty city, smart logistics, smart tourism and smart education between the two parties. 

Mr. Zhang Jiajie introduced the business review profile and development strategy of China Security and Shanghai Keenshine and thoroughly analyzed the typical business cases in Guizhou at the beginning of the meeting; meanwhile, he also stated that China Security would follow “the Belt and Road Initiative”, collect talents, capital and technology advantages, scale up the input strength in Guizhou and actively serve the construction of smart city in Guizhou. Mr. Zhang's speech enjoyed a general consent from participants.

( Mr. Deng Kuanglin, chairman of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce) 

Chairman Deng Kuanglin delivered a brief speech on behalf of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, "The Chamber highly appreciated the achievements in the field of smart city made by China Security and Shanghai Keenshine. As a leading enterprise in the field of smart city, China Security and the Chamber will function as a bridge in Shanghai-Guizhou cooperation, and jointly drive the long-term development of Guizhou through the investment and cooperation opportunities in various field in Guizhou", he said. Later on, a strategic cooperation agreement was concluded and signed by the two parties. 

As the vice president unit of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, Shanghai Keenshine has participated in many projects, such as Gouzhou Kaili Culture Palace, Guizhou Yinhai YuanLong Plaza, Guiyang Platinum Commercial Plaza, Guiyang Liansheng International Plaza and Anshun Sports Center. The signing of this agreement is another cooperation between China Security and Guizhou Province after signing the strategic cooperation agreement regarding to "Guizhou on the Cloud" in July, which reflects the furthering cooperation deepening and resources sharing achievement between the two parties.

China Security will give full play to talents, information, technology and capital in the future to promote the company's project cooperation in Guizhou jointly with Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, guide the development of smart city industry in Guizhou and propel deep economic cooperation between Shanghai and Guizhou and regional economic development of Guizhou. 

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