Construct the hospital ecosystem of the future: 2018 CHCC ended successfully

Update Date:2018-05-30

The annual China Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC) was started in Wuhan International Expo Center. Shenzhen Winlead Medical System Engineering Co., Ltd., a member company of China Security, again attended this conference. More than 1000 management officials and experts from health authorities, medical institutions, research institutes and hospitals, who are interested in hospital construction, discussed the future hospital construction mode and medical care mode. 

Hospitals are important places that are vital to the public health and the "most complicated public buildings", in the view of the community. CHCC, also known as the Number One Expo on Hospital Construction in China, naturally attracts great attention from stakeholders of smart civil life. This conference combined "construction", "intelligence" and "medical engineering" and covered strategic development, institutional innovation, operation and management, business planning and building design for modern hospitals. In this Conference, all aspects which are highly coordinated with health needs and clinical practices were deeply explored and construction of innovation systems endorsed.


At the conference, industrial elites and experts exchanged their own ideas. What will a future smart hospital look like? According to experts, it should like an open garden that provides shared services for people. In the future, hospitals must be designed to increase patient's visit experience, expand and deepen the substance of health care, prevention, rehabilitation and endowment as much as practicable. At the same time, we cannot underestimate the impact of mobile medical system generated by "Internet+ medical care". The Internet has already helped with online prescription, medicine delivery, patient referral, real time reimbursement of medical cost under insurance, and real time claim of commercial insurance.

The above practices demonstrate that high-tech-based comprehensive medical solutions that really care people are what the future hospitals need. Shenzhen Winlead, a medical system company established some 25 years ago, has created a lot of experience in construction of medical institutions. The company is dedicated to construction of green smart hospitals by providing overall solutions about controlled environment for medical and health entities and providing all-around services including planning and design, construction, supporting facilities, system integration and logistics. Under the uniform strategic leadership, Winlead will continue working in smart medicine to push the intelligent development of medical services. Partnering with other entities in this sector, Winlead is committed to painting a great blueprint for hospitals.